No matter what our budget is when we are buying wine, we always want to be sure we are finding value wine so as to maximize the wine return for our money.

At some stage we have all felt discontented and a bit upset after paying too much for a bottle of wine. Finding value wine wine is exactly the same as getting a good deal on any product – it feels great! We feel a high level of satisfaction knowing that we have found real wine value in our purchase.

So how do we go about finding great value wines?

Value Wine is Not Necessarily the Cheapest

Wine values involve more than just finding the least costly brand on the shelf. It is important to remember that the less money you spend when you buy a wine does not guarantee that feeling of satisfaction that comes when you do get a great deal.

If it was as simple as just buying the cheapest bottles on the shelves then true wine value would not exist.

While most of us are prudent when it comes to buying wine, or buying anything for that matter, there are some cashed up wine snobs who only like a brand if it costs an huge amount of money.

This select few who find and buy their wines by price alone are certainly the minority, and miss the whole point of wine values. Because a wine is more expensive does not always mean it is a value wine. When it comes to wine values there are more things to consider than the price alone.

Tip 1. Value Wine – Look at Big Picture

Locating genuine wine values means looking at the big picture. It is possible to find decent quality among the cheapest brands on the shelf but they do not necessarily represent the elusive wine value. Conversely, the best quality wine is not always the one with the highest price. The obvious solution is to strike a balance between these two extremes so you get the most bang for your buck, or in other words, achieve wine value.

Tip 2. Value Wine – Best Quality at Most Reasonable Price

The key question to be answered is what is the finest quality wine available for the most reasonable price? It may turn out that by paying a bit more than you would for the cheapest brand leads you to an appreciation of your selection because of the superior quality of your choice. This is what wine value really is. Furthermore, you will also feel wine value knowing that your wine snob neighbor paid nearly twice as much as you did for the same quality.

Tip 3. Value Wine – Experiment

Experimentation is an excellent way of finding good wine values. Instead of following habit and automatically looking at the generally more expensive wine varieties (such as a chardonnay or cabernet sauvignon), cast your eye around and try looking instead at looking at less common wine types (such as pinot gris or pinot noir). You will be pleasantly surprised that less popular varietals can turn out to be great discoveries, delivering even more wine value.

Tip 4. Value Wine – Try Different Regions

It is also worth considering wines from different regions, sometimes called the “New World” wines. Some of the best value wines can be found from Australia, New Zealand and South America. In many cases, for a modest amount of money, you can uncover some superb wines.

Tip 5. Value Wine – Winery Direct

Remember to check out local wineries if you have some nearby. There can often be neglected local treasures locally, plus of course it is easy to buy wines by the case with wineries often giving a discount when you buy in bulk.

Tip 6. Value Wine – Buy Online

If you are comfortable transacting on the Internet, you may want to consider buying wine online. This can be a great means of maximizing your wine value.

In summary, the best wine values are subjective – only you can determine this unique characteristic of buying wine.

Whether your wine value is driven by economics, or the aesthetics of a simple boxed wine or some other factor – the fact remains that enjoyment of wine is the primary factor in measuring true wine value.