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Peter King Owner ABCofWIne.comHi and welcome to the ABC of Wine,

My interest in wine started as a young man (many bottles ago) when I lived near one of the major wine producing regions in Australia, the Barossa Valley.

At the time, my circle of friends appreciated wine and I was able to learn from them, while many of my peers glugged tasteless beer and sneered at me.

Years later, I can happily report that the sneerers are now wine converts but have conveniently forgotten how they came to see the light.

I do not claim any special wine knowledge, vine growing experience or an advanced palate.

All I know is that I know what I like, I like to try different stuff and I am conscious of my changing taste with maturity (chronological that is, not behavioral).

What we have tried to do with this website is bring together lots of information, some original and some gleaned from those who know more than I, and provide a useful resource for wine beginners and connoisseurs alike.

Enjoy and feel free to contact ABC of Wine anytime you feel like it.

Regards, Peter King (Owner ABCofWine.com) – check me out at Google+

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