How to Enjoy Champagne Wine Tasting

champagne wine tasting

For celebrations and special occasions of almost any sort, sparkling wine is the best choice and if it can be afforded, Champagne – the ultimate sparkling wine. The aura (and sometimes expense) of Champagne can sometimes make it daunting and difficult to enjoy Champagne wine tasting but this article will help with some pointers. Firstly […]

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This Silver Spoon DOES Retain Champagne Bubbles!

abc of wine champagne silver spoon

There is an urban myth (politically correctness dictates that we no longer refer to “old wives tale”) that a silver teaspoon left in the neck of an opened and unfinished champagne bottle causes the bubbles to be maintained for another day. The greater myth (certainly at our place) is that an opened bottle of champagne […]

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Too Much Champagne is Just Right!

abc of wine champagne

It was Mark Twain who famously said “Too much of anything is bad but too much Champagne is just right”. There have been many famous (and not so famous) people throughout history who have made their own rather astute observations about Champagne. A few of my favorites include Napoleon Bonaparte’s war wisdom “In victory you […]

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