Is the Best Wine Club an Informal Wine Club?

best wine club

An informal wine club just needs an organizer, some wine and a pourer - simple!


Have you ever heard of an informal wine club?

One with no fees, no forced deliveries of wines you did not really want and a wine club where you had complete control?

Well, read on as the best wine club has to be the new big thing – an informal wine club.

Here’s how it works.


The Best Wine Club is an Informal Wine Club

The idea is that a group of wine lovers get together for tastings of wine. Each wine club member brings along a bottle in accordance with a theme stipulated by the organizer for that particular wine club gathering.

Not only are these wine club gatherings great fun, but they allow an exchange of ideas and opinions which is hard to find in a conventional wine club.

So here is the recipe for forming your own informal wine club:

5 – 15 wine drinkers
1 internet connection
1 evening per month, plus a couple of hours for admin
1 name – quality matters here, you want it to be memorable
several times your body weight in patience and persistence
an ounce of organizational method
season with good ideas

Write an email that introduces your idea, sets out what you think the club should be all about, and proposes roughly how it should work. Send this to your wine-drinking acquaintances. Arrange a date for the first tasting and decide on a theme – a cultivar theme is a nice, easy start. Then have that first tasting and see if more than a couple of people are genuinely interested. Use the opportunity to discuss and plan the next tasting. Send out a reminder and invite more people if necessary.

That’s really all there is to it. It may take a while to build momentum. Mine took about a year, but you might be lucky and watch it take off immediately.

Read the full wine club article here.

The key to making your informal wine club really successful is variety. The theme sessions mentioned above can include wines by country, style, grape, region and the list goes on.

Any local wine makers you have in your area can be invited along for one meeting and with any luck you will have plenty of free samples to taste.

I think the idea of an informal wine club has great merit and I am going to set one up in my area. With a core group of fellow wine lovers I am sure the networking aspect alone will generate additional numbers to make for a robust informal wine club – surely the best wine club of all.

Have you had any experience with such a wine club? Leave your comments below and let’s start a wine club revolution!

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