How to Drink Wine and Stay in Shape

drink wine and stay in shape


The very first piece of good advice when it comes to drinking wine and staying in shape is NOT to drink beer!

The same applies to those mixed drinks made with spirits and sugary extras, like cola.

The simple reason is that any alcoholic drink will contain a high level of calories with not much nutritional value.

The situation is exacerbated with beer (which is generally high in carbohydrates) and other drinks with high levels of sugar.

For example, a classic margarita cocktail could have up to 600 calories for a serving whereas an entire bottle of dry wine could contain about the same calorie count. Note also that the margarita may contain as much as 100 grams (over 3 ounces) of sugar.

To put the calorie count in perspective, alcohol has around 7 calories per gram compared to around 4 calories per gram for protein and carbohydrates, and a whopping 9 calories per gram for fats.

So how is it possible to drink wine, with obvious calories, and stay in shape?

The answer is to include wine as part of a sensible eating and exercise plan. This really is not hard to do.

(If you already do this and are still struggling to look the way you want, you might like to have a look at this video which certainly helped me get in shape.)

There is also the added benefit of some of the bonus ingredients in wine such as antioxidants. Both red and white wines have antioxidants and research has shown red wine as being good for your heart and your weight too.

The elements of a sensible balanced diet are well known – fresh vegetables, skinless chicken, grass fed steak and oily fish (like salmon). If your main meal comprises these elements, and you take a 30 minute brisk walk every day, then you can certainly enjoy one or two glasses of wine with your meal (every day!) and easily stay in shape.

After all, what we are trying to achieve in our life regime is to be healthy and enjoy it. The simple logic involves maintaining a level of calorie intake which does not exceed calorie burn-off, over an extended time period of course.

Staying in shape with wine can be aided further by avoiding late night snacks and regular indulgence in junk food. But then who would ever want to spoil a glass of quality wine by having it accompany a greasy pizza or burger?

If you feel you are doing everything right but just cannot get rid those flabby bits, have a look at this interesting approach to staying in shape – it may be the answer!

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