Pairing Wine Information for Good Health

Pairing Wine Information for Good Health

Good pairing wine information may mean less health problems

The majority of pairing wine information available to wine lovers centers on what food goes best with what wine from a purely taste perspective.

So, for example, at the simplest level we think of fish with white wine, steak with red wine and so on.


Of course, the degree of sophistication of pairing food and wine is limited only by the imagination of the chef (or home cook) who is interested in achieving the best possible taste outcome.

However, there is now research which shows that the chemical composition of both the food and wine can have significant health benefits, especially when combined in the correct manner.

The Health Benefits of Pairing Wine Information

Wine pairing is a popular topic in the wine world but did you know that there is a health connection? Did you know that some of the compounds in wine are good for your heath? Wine pairing will now be more about what wine goes with your chicken, lamb or nut roast. In my new book Nutriwine I explain how wine pairing will be practiced in the future – with a health connection.

Wine Pairing and the Molecular Health Recommendation

The whole experience of wine tasting gets better when you start to pair wine with food. This will also further expand your frontal cortex for wine information and cause more health peaks in the body biochemistry as it reacts to the flavour and the food is even better digested.

Generally speaking people pair white wine with white meat like chicken and fish and red wine with red meat typically beef and lamb. Very sweet wine goes with dessert as any other wine paired with a sweet dish will taste acidic. The whites will cut through brine and the reds will add texture to the meat and both will draw out flavours. For restaurants it may be helpful to consider the components in terms of taste of the wine as that can’t be altered the food can be designed around the wines offered. After all the elements in wine are set long before you dine. Read the rest of the article …

A lot has been written and debated over the centuries about the health benefits of wine, but never before have we been in a position to add some scientific substance to the debate.

It seems logical that pairing wine information which defines the correct combination of ingredients (in this case, food and wine) in the appropriate proportions to deliver a healthy result is to be welcomed.

Realizing we can only go by the available evidence, what are your thoughts? Share them below in the Comments area and involve your friends in the discussion.

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