Bovine Humor at the Wine Club

A few glasses of red wine ago, I was browsing my favorite website for images (iStockphoto) when I happened across the illustration below (minus the caption at that stage).

The cartoon tickled me greatly so I bought it and had some fun coming up with suitable tag lines. I settled on the one shown, but I am sure there are plenty better so if you have a funny line of your own, please add it in the comments below.

wine club humor

As much as I enjoy a good wine, I also enjoy a good laugh – preferably together – and this cartoon got me thinking about wine humor in general.

According to Wikipedia, “humor is usually rare in the world of wine“. This seems most unusual, as wine is associated with enjoyment and good times with friends.

Wikipedia goes on – “wine jokes may only be amusing to wine obsessives” – and this may explain the apparent lack of humor often associated with wine. Perhaps wine lovers, too often, take wine, too seriously.

Therein lies the cue to introduce some cows. Or any animals which are capable of engendering mirth. I think the cows have it, a fact picked up on very successfully by the great Gary Larson.

far side by gary larsonIn case you have forgotten, Gary Larson is the superb cartoonist who gave us the brilliant Far Side series, as well as other humorous drawings and writings.

Larson’s humor was built very much around unusual people, animals and situations and for me, the most memorable of his brilliant works are those featuring animals, especially the beloved cow.

To go with your next relaxation opportunity, wine accompanied of course, you could do no better than have at hand the Complete Far Side by Gary Larson.

Highly recommended – click the book cover at left to grab a copy.


But now back to wine matters, and specifically wine clubs, which is what the cows are discussing in the cartoon above.

Like the cows, I have been a member of a number of different wine clubs but have usually found after a few months that there is a sameness in the product being offered – either in wine styles or wine makers.

However, this is not an issue with the Cellars Wine Club who offer a dozen different options with a wine club for every wine preference. Here is a summary of what is currently on offer:

Wine Club

Offer per Shipment

Best For

Single Bottle 1 bottle quality wine wine novice
High End Single Bottle 1 bottle rare wine connoisseur
Premium 2 different wines experimenter
Sweet 2 different wines sweet tooth
Champagne 2 different wines sparkling lover
Red Trio 3 different wines red lover
International 2 different wines traveler
West Coast 2 different wines best American
Platinum 2 different wines aficionado
90+ Point 2 different wines discerning
Quarterly Case 12 bottles quality wine value seeker
Cellars 2 different wines indulgence


Whether you are looking for something different from a wine club, or a wine club membership as a gift, or just an excuse to get more wine for your cellar, check out Cellars Wine Club – it is the best wine club by a country mile, no bull!

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