Two Fun Ways to Enjoy Red Wine

Some would say to taste and savor is sufficient in itself to enjoy red wine, but there are many ways to enhance the experience as two examples in this article will show.

The first fun way to enjoy red wine involves a very special wine bottle opener and the second shows a very talented lady doing amazing things with hula hoops while enjoying her red wine.

bench wine bottle opener

An enjoyable way to remove a cork from a wine bottle - just a pity there are increasingly less corks to remove.

The bench mount wine bottle opener you see here is one I bought whilst on vacation in France a few years ago.

We were having a few delightful days in the southern city of Toulouse when I wandered into a wine shop as I like to do.

There I saw this wine opener in a superb timber presentation box.

Having never seen one previously outside of a wine bar or restaurant I was immediately drawn to it, and more so when I realized it was not as expensive as I was expecting.

Any thoughts of the inconvenience to be incurred having to lug this thing around France for the next few weeks of my vacation, and also the additional weight I would suffer for the flight home were not considered and I immediately bought it.

Since then it has enjoyed a prominent position in our home and never ceases to intrigue guests, being a great conversation piece.

Of course such wine bottle openers are now much more commonplace but I am yet to see one as beautifully made as this one from Toulouse, but I would have to say that regardless.

The only downside of the classic wine bottle opener is the rising popularity of screw cap wine closures, making all sorts of corkscrews increasingly redundant, but who cares?

The second fun way to enjoy red wine is to do something similar to that displayed in the following video where the very talented Annabel Carberry (of the Lost in Translation Circus) combines red wine and hula hoops in a very funny, clever and challenging way.

A better suggestion might be to grab a glass of your favorite red wine and watch the video – you will feel exhilarated.

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