Ha Ha – Wine Humor on Wine Labels

wine humor on wine labels

Probably the best known of the fun wine labels, Cat's Pee etc. has been a global best seller.


The wine industry is often viewed as staid and stuffy, but increasingly a sense of fun is being brought to the fore as more people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities embrace the fruit of the vine.

One such example of the developing fun factor is wine humor on wine labels.

Perhaps the most famous of funny wine labels is that shown here, Cat’s Pee on a Gooseberry Bush, embracing a bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from Coopers Creek Vineyard.

The term cat’s pee on a gooseberry bush was first used by the British wine raconteur, Oz Clarke to describe the distinctive (but certainly not unpleasant!) taste of this wine style.

The name has not hindered the wine’s popularity at all and has been a worldwide best seller, although interestingly not in New Zealand!

At the other end of the wine humor spectrum, a wine label which was deemed inappropriate to be worn by a wine bottle was developed by the Australian winery Wolf Blass.

The wine was called René Pogel which needed to be read backwards to appreciate the questionable humor.

Some of the more acceptable adult humor wine labels which are in use today include Well Hung and Le Vin de Merde (you may need to consult your French dictionary for the latter).

But there are many more examples of …


Wine Humor on Wine Labels

Fat Bastard

Despite Mike Myers’ Fat Bastard character in Austin Powers and his affinity for fine wine, the namesake for this wine brand has a different story.  Started by the wine winning duo Guy and Thierry, these two guys are all about the sweet nectar in all its fat bastardness glory.


Guzzle down a Voluptuous Beauty, open up your throat for a Cheeky Little White or Red, get hot and steamy with a Bodacious Blonde or spice up your life with some Spicy Splendor.  The name, (Oops), is based on a true story of the history of the Carmenere grape, dating back centuries, as it was thought to be extinct until it was discovered to be masquerading as a Chilean Merlot.


Finally, time to drink wine and bitch your heart out without having any of your friends calling you a miserable negative Nancy!  Targeted to a female wine drinker (and self-proclaimed male queens), it’s perfectly acceptable to be a massive biyatch face while drinking this wine.  If enjoying a regular Bitch sounds too tame, try other wine brands that have hopped on the Bitch bandwagon: Sweet Bitch, Sassy Bitch and Happy Bitch are all trying to compete for the ultimate bitch spot.

Gnarly Head

According to the makers of Gnarly Head, it’s all about the old gnarled and twisted vines that have been around for a while.  Just because the vines are gnarly, doesn’t make this wine out of date.  The vines that produce small grape clusters may be tiny, but produce an intense, bold, deep flavor, since “old vines make bold vines.

Read the complete funny wine brands article here.

If you are really into wine humor on wine labels, check out Peter May’s amazing collection of over two hundred unusual wine labels.

Wine humor is a great thing and we will be exploring it further in future posts. Please share any funny wine stories you may have in the comments below.

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