The Best Wine Apps for Learning, Tracking, and Sharing

With hundreds of wineries, wines, and places to enjoy them, being an oenophile (or even a casual wine fan) may seem like an intimidating endeavor.

But all that variety and information is also what makes wine such a pleasure. To that end, I’m going to present a list of smartphone apps that I think are excellent both for learning about wine and developing your own palate.

This list leans heavily toward Android apps, because that’s what I use, but I’ve included iPhone/iPad links where they’re available.

Swirl Pro – A Wine Guide

swirl pro wine appSwirl Pro aims to be an all-in-one resource and journal for any serious (or beginning) wine drinker.

The app offers access to a library of thousands of wines, sorted by region, grape, and other characteristics. You can look up individual wines or browse through its recommendations. But the best feature of this app may be its tools for adding your own notes about wines and marking your favorites for future reference.

Finally, I can recommend this app for its excellent interface and design, which is worthy of the subject it covers.

The Swirl Pro wine app is at the Google Play Store.

Cellar Tracker

wine cellar app for androidOnce you start a serious bottle collection, Cellar Tracker offers one of the best ways to keep track of it.

You can type in a bottle’s information or scan its bar code for faster input.

The app lets you organize wines using logical characteristics such as the year (term, vintage) of the wine and its region. I find this is helpful for deciding on wines for special occasions.

The Wine Cellar app for Android is at the Google Play Store.

Winerypedia Winery Locator

winerypedia wine appWineries abound throughout the U.S., from Washington to Texas to Long Island, and this excellent app helps you find them.

Using GPS, Winerypedia determines the nearest wineries, and offers directions and the ability to call or e-mail straight from the app.

This is ideal for travel, but even if you’re staying home, you can have fun learning about your favorite wineries and following their social media accounts.

Winerypedia is a free app and available at both the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Napa Valley Winery Finder

This the official winery finder for the Napa Valley and the most downloaded app of any type for the Napa Valley. You can get it at the Google Play Store.

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