Can it be true? Can wine be drunk for the betterment of your health? Yes, scientific studies have now proven that the health benefits of wine are real – alcohol in wine can be consumed (in moderation of course) with significant good outcomes for your health.

The health benefits of wine rely on moderate amounts of alcohol taken on a regular basis, and the positive results include a considerable reduction in the risk of heart disease. The research has shown that more favorable health benefits result from wine consumption above any other alcoholic beverages. Further studies specifically with red wine have shown it can also help prevent cancer.

The health benefits of wine are believed to be due to the presence of a chemical called resveratrol.

Resveratrol is produced by the natural reaction of grape skins to the yeast used in the fermentation process of wine.

Resveratrol combined with antioxidants and flavanoids present in the wine are all thought to help contribute to the health benefits of wine.

In addition, recent studies have even shown that the regular and moderate consumption of wine may actually help to reduce signs of aging and promote a longer life span. No longer is having a glass of wine with dinner seen to be a vice – rather it is a healthy practice.

However this does not mean that everyone should suddenly start to drink red wine daily. When consuming alcohol it is important that care be exercised. Firstly, it is wise to take wine with a meal and not when you are alone as it is too easy to have another glass, and another, when there is no moderating influence at hand.

Secondly, some medicines should not to be taken with alcohol so always check that any prescription medication you take will not have adverse effects when mixed with a moderate amount of alcohol. Asthmatics should also be careful as the sulfites that are naturally present in wine may cause allergic reactions including breathing difficulties.

The most important consideration whenever any alcohol is consumed is to avoid over indulging. Too much alcohol of any sort can result in a range of anti social activities as well as serious health risks including lowering of blood pressure and damage in the liver. When common sense prevails and a glass or two only is consumed, the health benefits of wine can be achieved.

Just remember that the keys to enjoying the health benefits of wine are moderation and regularity. There is nothing to be gained by drinking excessively one evening and having nothing for the rest of the week. A glass of wine with the evening meal is certainly a pleasant routine to develop and more so now that the health benefits of wine are better understood.

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