Do you suffer the dilemma of not being sure what wines to buy, or do you just always buy the same thing? Or perhaps you are looking for a constant supply of wines delivered right to your door?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you should give some thought to what wine clubs can offer.

Wine clubs have become increasingly popular in recent years and membership of one can provide some real of benefits when it comes to buying wine.

Undoubtedly the main advantage of joining a wine club is that you get to enjoy a regular supply of wines selected by experts. This can occur monthly or quarterly depending on the wine clubs themselves or in some cases your own choice.

Wine clubs do all the hard work of wine research for you so you end up tasting a wide range of good quality wines, often award winners in their own right. The selections provided can also include favorites as voted by other wine club members, pre-releases of upcoming vintages and some undiscovered delights which you would not normally have encountered.

The situation with wine clubs is totally different from a supermarket or wine shop when you are forced to consider rows and rows of wines without any direction or clarity as to what you should buy. The bottom line with wine clubs is that you can always be confident of having the perfect bottle of wine to hand irrespective of the occasion.

When your regular delivery from the wine clubs arrives, it will contain quite detailed and specific information about each of the wines you received. This not only assists your appreciation when drinking a particular wine for the first time but can also help when you are choosing wines in the future.

This is an indirect form of wine education and can often alert you to an up and coming wine maker, as well as not so well known wine varieties and styles. It is great when someone else is doing the hard work of wine selection and you can reap the benefits without any effort other than to open a bottle and taste!

Some wine clubs offer an incentive for you to join, such as reduced prices or a free wine related gift. After joining, there will undoubtedly be further opportunities for price savings as wine clubs often have promotions such as discounts on particular cases or bonus bottles. Needless to say wine clubs want to retain you as a member and they will work hard to keep you.

Wine clubs are great communicators and provide newsletters and the like to keep you informed. They offer online forums and other opportunities to learn, share and discuss all matters relating to wine.

Wine clubs are a great option for any wine lover, as they offer a convenient and cost effective way to keep stocked with quality and interesting wines. In the process of receiving your wines, you will also be learning more about wine and being exposed to new wine types.