The making and drinking of wine has been a big part of many different cultures for a long time. This might not be immediately obvious – many people think that wine is something just to be drunk with dinner but there are many people who have made wine their entire lives and wine tours are an excellent way to get a good appreciation of the importance of wine culture.

The next time you are considering a trip to wine areas, use the opportunity to take some wine tours and see beyond just the tasting of wine for purchase and consumption later at home. Wine tours, including tasting of course, can be a lot of fun as well as extremely interesting and enlightening.

If you have not been on wine tours before you will no doubt be curious as to what they are all about.

As mentioned, wine tasting is always an important part of wine tours as you visit the different wineries in the area you are touring.

This enables you to appreciate the end product and of course assists the wine maker in his marketing efforts and potential sale of the product. However, wine tours are much more than simply drinking fine wines.

Firstly, most wine tours include a visit to the area where the grapes are grown so that you can see the raw material at first hand. Here you will get an appreciation of the types of vines, the fruit itself, the ground in which the vines are growing and the local conditions. You will get to understand in detail the various elements and influences which produce the uniqueness of wine in each region. Many people who enjoy wine do not really understand where wine comes from and how it is produced and wine tours provide an easy means of improving wine appreciation.

Secondly, wine tours invariable include a visit to the part of the winery where the wine is actually made. This can be a fascinating experience even if you have done similar visits before. Not a lot of people have had the privilege of seeing a working winery and it provides a real insight into how wine is made and the process behind it. On wine tours this knowledge is gained in a very practical manner as well as providing a unique and pleasurable experience.

Finally, of course the best part of wine tours remains the tasting of the wine. You can be assured though that with your new found understanding of the wine making industry that every sip of wine will be accompanied by a respect for the effort which has gone into producing the final product. Only wine tours can provide this wonderful experience – book a wine tour now!