As the name implies, we are intent on giving you as much wine information and wine facts as possible that will help you better understand and appreciate wine.

The popularity of wine is growing rapidly throughout all parts of the world and there are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, in traditional wine consuming markets in the Western world there has been increasing competition amongst growers and producers which has resulted in a reduction of the price of wine to the consumer. Even high quality wines have become reasonably affordable as a result.

Secondly, the explosion in prosperity in Asian and Chinese markets has seen increasingly affluent societies which have embraced wine products. In many cases the interest in wine from consumers has resulted in vine plantings in areas which have never previously had such a crop.

Finally, the move to a globalized economy has resulted in producers being able to export their products to new markets with an increased international awareness of wines.

An offshoot of globalization is that different nationalities are now interacting in a way never seen before in history. Whether it be for business or pleasure, people are travelling overseas more often and being exposed to different cultures and habits.

The resultant exposure to wine products has resulted in many new converts to the world’s most popular beverage.

You only need to see attendees on wine tours in any part of the wine growing world these days to notice the mix of nationalities who are thirsting for both wine knowledge and the product itself!

Wine clubs have grown in popularity across the world as a means for wine lovers to gain access to and try wines not readily available in their own location.

wine information and wine facts

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