Cellars Wine Club – Many Wine Clubs in One

Most wine clubs these days offer you a regular delivery once a month or quarter, and a choice of red or white, but usually that is about all the options you get.

However, the Cellars Wine Club is very different – there are many wine clubs available (currently an even dozen) under the Cellars Wine Club banner which offer lots of innovative choices for wine lovers.

At the entry level, there are single bottle wine clubs which provide specially chosen wines which you can receive when you want, starting when you want and for as long as you want.

This delivery flexibility is common across all the Cellars Wine Clubs, and where applicable you can nominate your preference for either red or white wine.

If you have a particular liking for red wine, sweet wine or champagne then there are separate wine clubs for each of these categories.

Instead if you are a bit adventurous and like to sample wines from different places, then there are wine clubs covering international winemakers (including Europe, Australia and South Africa) and those based on the West Coast.

There are wine clubs directed at the experienced wine drinker with quality wines chosen at very affordable prices, and some wines which are only selected if they have scored more than 90 points when rated by highly respected wine authorities, such as Wine Enthusiast magazine.

Below we have summarized the main features of each of the Cellars Wine Club packages and invite you to check which Cellars Wine Club best suits you: